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Flying eagles in the mountains

Aerie Officers

Worthy President: Jeff Weathersby

Worthy Vice-President: James Arnold

Worthy Chaplain: Chris Miller

Secretary: Julie Buttelo

Treasurer: Lynnette Sander

Worthy Conductor: John Guempel

Inside Guard: Patrick "Yakima" McGuire

Outside Guard: Alicia Santos

Trustee Chairman: Rick Buttelo

Trustee: Ray Fredette

Trustee: Ernest Nick

Trustee: Rick Thompson

Trustee: Ray Brand

Auxiliary Officers

President: Amber Hughett

Vice-President: Angie Weathersby

Chaplain: Laurie Dowling

Secretary: Lynn Caley

Treasurer: Linda Enslow

Conductor: Donna Roddick

Inside/Outside Guard: Colleen Thompson

Trustee: Marilyn Clement

Trustee: Teresa Weldy

Trustee: Lauren Kutschka

Trustee: Judy Biggs

Past Madam Vice President: Jody Hughett

USA Flag
Image by Richard Lee

Lounge Staff

Manager: Heather

Staff Member: Jenna

Staff Member: Angie

Staff Member:

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